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IT ServUS brings fully supported, best-of-breed technology. We provide the knowledge and expertise to provide a premiere experience for our clients. The following list of additional services are now being offered through IT ServUS to help ensure that your IT environment is reliable, scalable and predictable:


Our team continuously monitors, manages and supports the health and security of every device on a network. Potential problems are immediately investigated, identified and remediated. Each IT environment is managed by a vCIO. A vCIO is an experienced IT leader who will review and addresses your specific business needs with the support of our NOC, consisting of over 600 certified technicians. Our team seeks to understand your specific challenges, identify risks and provide you with effective IT solutions. We leverage technologies that address your business goals and implement strategic technology solutions that will grow with your business.

24x7x365 HELP DESK

Our U.S.-based help desk team quickly and efficiently resolves even your most complex technical problems whether over the phone or by web-based chat. They are the core of our four-tiered support team, delivering unprecedented real-time support. Whether you’re dealing with hardware, software or network issues, we work with you until the problem is solved.


We offer 24x7x365 firewall administration and monitoring, providing complete visibility at all times. Proactive, real-time management is the only solution that can protect your business by ensuring security policies and configurations on your firewall devices are continuously updated and optimized. Our SECaaS solution helps protect your business from hacking, phishing, adware, Malware and Trojans threats at both the firewall and end-user levels. This strategic deployment is recognized as the best defense against ransomware and the related Crypto strains. We ensure you are taken care of by managing all your services and ensuring that they are up to date and running. Let us deliver the enterprise-grade security that your business demands.


Our WaaS solution looks and feels like the desktop you use today, except all your files and applications are securely stored and accessible in the cloud. Our platform comes complete with everything that’s needed for your office related tasks, Your virtual desktop will include anti-virus software, data backup, and all software applications that you utilize daily. Whether you’re at the office, traveling for business or working from home, access to your workspace is made simple from any device. With real-time business continuity and disaster recovery options, your business will continuously stay connected to the workspace from any device you choose anytime and anywhere.


We leverage best-of-breed technology to deliver enterprise grade Wi-Fi management. Our cutting edge capabilities allows us to deliver wireless security for accessing corporate data just as easily as complimentary wireless access for clients on a large scale, while ensuring that security is maintained at all levels. Our enterprise-grade Wi-Fi management technology also allows for integration with existing active directory infrastructures and provides an easily configurable and usable interface for administrators to see who is connected and what physical areas they are connected to. We take the guess work out of wireless security and package it to suit your needs.


From home to business, desktop to web and all the devices in between, Office 365 allows access to your business’s files, creation and collaboration on documents in real-time and utilization of the tools needed to keep your business moving. By leveraging our team’s expertise, your business can sync sensitive corporate files between servers, desktops, the cloud, and more for fluid collaboration and mobile productivity that’s securely under control.


We provide powerful and secure monitoring and management of mobile devices, ensuring secure access to your corporate data. Our MDM platform is fully-managed to provide flexible approaches for enrollment, asset management, policy enforcement and the distribution of profiles, apps and docs based on device ownership. We deliver device encryption capabilities with centralized policy and compliance control from a web-based console.


LAN optimization is paramount to delivering an enterprise quality voice and cloud experience. Our network of highly skilled vCIOs leverage state-of-the-art tools to proactively monitor and analyze network components over a work-cycle test period. We then leverage critical data, including Mean Opinion Scores, to identify and remediate any issues related to voice quality, latency, packet loss and other critical variables that will affect voice or data quality for any supported applications.

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