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Is Your Network HIPAA & PCI Compliant?

HIPAA Compliance as a Service includes continuous monitoring of your IT environment. Our HIPAA-certified staff evaluate changes in your environment that may impact the confidentiality, integrity and availability of ePHI. We’ll identify required updates to your HIPAA Management Plan and provide updated records required by regulatory authorities to document ongoing assessments and compliance activities.

Effective Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance practices can protect the value of your brand and help you avoid the business ‘death penalty’ of losing your right to accept credit cards, which could put you out of business. A PCI Risk Assessment and ongoing PCI Compliance-as-a-Service offerings provide continuous support to help ensure your business is compliant with ongoing assessments and activities.

  • Continuous monitoring of your IT environment
  • Identify mandatory updates to HIPAA Management Plans
  • Provide updated records required by regulatory authorities
  • PCI Risk Assessment
  • Identification of network risks
  • Specific recommendations to get and stay compliant

HIPAA & PCI Compliance is Imperative

When was your last assessment? If over a year ago, you are out of compliance and at serious risk of being audited and fined by state and federal auditors. Even worse, you are likely vulnerable to data breaches or IT intrusions that result in fines up to $50,000 per record and class action lawsuits.

The federal government recently expanded its on-site HIPAA audit program and has been imposing multi-million dollar fines on businesses for IT environments that fail to adequately safeguard electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

Our HIPAA & PCI compliance practice team will quickly assess your IT environment for HIPAA Security Rule compliance, identify risks to your network, and provide specific recommendations to get compliant and stay compliant.

We provide the tools and resources you need for HIPAA and PCI compliance.

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